How to choose your living room armchair ?

Before choosing the style of your armchair, if you prefer a retro armchair or a leather armchair, the first thing to look at is the comfort. The comfort of the seat is assured by the type of padding chosen, the strength and design of the chair. Some of us will want significant back support that will keep our back and neck straight, others high and firm. In general, the seat of an armchair must be too soft and not too hard. Everything is based on the quality of cushion padding.

The coating

Leather, fabric, synthetic, you're spoiled for choice. However, the aesthetic side is important, so do not neglect the practical aspect, a too fragile coating, the risk of not supporting a prolonged and repeated sitting.

Take dimensions into account

Living room furniture

Pay attention to the dimensions. Your chair should not encroach on your entire space. It is necessary to consider the place that remains in the living room and that which takes care of the armchair, as well in width as in depth.

The deco tips of the pros

The actual choice of your chair will be based on your decor. It's all about creating a certain coherence. If your living room is in a vintage style, you will prefer a retro armchair or a leather armchair for example.

You can choose to respect the general atmosphere of the room by choosing an armchair whose form, style and color will blend perfectly with the decor but also with your sofa. For example: your couch is plain and dark but there is color in the room. Feel free to resume this dominant color for your chair. This will brighten the whole. The chair is not only functional and can become a real element of deco.

If the sofa is plain, you can decide for a printed chair that will remain in the same colors as your sofa but the material will vary.